About Us

Earth Tomorrow was founded with a simple idea: if people can destroy the Earth, they can also help to rebuild it.

By focusing on sustainability efforts in forested areas, we can fight deforestation and rampant climate change affecting us now--and for all future generations to come.

By subscribing and becoming a member, you take a stand in the fight for a better, greener Earth tomorrow.

So how exactly does Earth Tomorrow work?

For every single subscriber, we plant 10 trees per month. In order to do this, we partner with various forest services throughout the world. By sponsoring these organizations, we can reach a global population and make sure trees are being planted everywhere.

So why not just find these places to give money to?

You absolutely should! We encourage all subscribers and non-subscribers to contribute as much as they can to their local causes. By getting involved at the local level, everyone can truly make a difference.

BUT, unfortunately these organizations don't do a very good job of getting the word out. It's not their fault--funding is low and they are grossly understaffed.

That's where Earth Tomorrow comes in.

By focusing on raising funds and making sure forest agencies around the world are fully-funded, we can do what we do best:

Get the word out and make sure people are aware of the crisis Earth is up against!